Ruby Plus™ is a new way to enjoy THC and CBD together – our mission is to provide high quality edibles without compromise.


Ruby Plus 10:1 Nutritional Label



Cannabinoid Extract (CBD and THC) and Certified Organic Cane Sugar

At Ruby Edibles™, we are constantly working to create new and improved products for our customers. We are proud to present Ruby Plus, the first organic sugar infused with both THC and Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is associated with wellness and alters the effects of THC. Ruby Plus allows you to incorporate CBD into your Ruby experience and is currently offered in a 10:1 ratio (CBD:THC).

Ruby Plus 1:1

The Ruby Plus 10:1 ratio is 10mg of CBD to 1mg of THC per serving. One serving size is equal to one packet of Ruby Plus, and there are 10 packets in each box of Ruby.

Testing and Safety

Every batch of Ruby™ undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the safety and consistency of our product.

Washington State regulations require that all cannabis edibles are tested for potency. Ruby is tested twice. Once for consistency of THC concentration and then again for the presence of pathogens which can cause illness.

Microbial testing is not currently required by Washington State, however we believe that consumer safety is of the utmost importance and are proud to report that our product has always been 100% microbial-free.